Surjyakanta Mishra demands for ensuring free poll in Durgapur

Yesterday a general meeting of CPI(M) held in Durgapur ,where CPI(M) state Secretary Dr. Suryakanta Mishra raised a very important topic arising in every single persons mind of Durgapur,which is to save the democratic rights of Durgapurians .

It was year of 2012 when Durgapur first witnessed an well attempt of rigging whether they were not completely successful but it brings a bad impact in the democratic stability of Durgapur . Time changed years passed and Durgapur faced a lot of elections but the election of Durgapur municipal election in 2017 destroyed the pillars of democracy . Let’s have a look in 2017

The destruction of democracy happend in 2017 election in Durgapur isn’t hidden to a child also, it was the darkest day in the history of Durgapur
Still it’s not possible to erase that bitter memory of 2017 election .
Being a industrial belt de-industrialization and unemployment will be basic issues in Lok Sabha election but the major issue will be ensuring of right to vote .

Opposition constantly complained about capturing of party offices just 10 days before the election not only that the right to do rally and meetings were snatched by the ruling in the Ispat area of Durgapur. The administration was like hand puppets of those anti social.

The CITU union office was captured by the anti social sheltered by the ruling in durgapur ispat area not only that CPIM offices were attacked . During the pre election time cars without numbers plates were roaming all over the city and creating a fear factor among all . In this election police administration played the role of a blind puppet dancing on the rhymes of ruling

Finally the day of election came Wards to wards , roads to roads, booth to booth were captured forcefully by anti socials and the whole administration was busy sharing a cup of tea with those anti socials. Voting rights were snatched, voters were brutally beaten . At last opposition parties were bound to back themselves from election .

Again a election knocked Durgapur this year , Citizens are ready to celebrate the festival of democracy but deep inside they are also tensed that whether this year they will be able to give vote or not Dr. Surjyakanta stated that the most important thing is to ensure each and everyone’s voting right .

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