The coalmines were nationalized in the year 1973. At that time the total work force in this industry was 1, 17,203. Thereafter there were some appointments and the workforce reached to 1, 96,000. The total number of working mines was 256. Today this number has come down to 67 Under Ground Mines and 27 Open Cast (Including Outsourcing)

Production and Profit of Eastern Coalfields Limited

Year 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16
Production 30.80(MT) 30.55(MT) 33.90(MT) 36.04(MT) 40.00 (MT) 40.21 (MT)
Profit 106.57 Crores 962.13 Crores 1655.54 Crores 872.23 Crores 1139.40 Crores 868.02 Crores
Manpower 81128(2011) 78009(2012) 74276(2013) 71826(2014) 68681(2015) 66238(2016)
Year 2016-17 2017-18  
Production 40.51(MT) 43.56(MT)  
Profit 20.77 Crores (-) 824 Crores  
Manpower 64029(2017) 61796(2018)  

Present Manpower of Eastern Coalfields Limited is 61679 as on 01.05.2018

Coal India Limited (CIL) is a ‘Maharatna’ company under the Ministry of Coal, Government of India with headquarters at Kolkata, West Bengal. CIL is the single largest coal producing company in the world and one of the largest corporate employers with manpower of 302785 (as on 31st Dec, 2017). CIL operates through 82 mining areas spread over eight states of India. Coal India Limited has 394 mines (as on 31st Dec, 2017) of which 193 are underground, 177 opencast and 24 mixed mines.

(1) CLOSURE OF MINES: – The five central trade unions had served a strike notice on 09.05.2017 against closure of mines, NCWA-X and other issues, and consequently through conciliation proceeding, management  and Government of India agreed that no mine would be closed until the issue is discussed at the level from Colliery to Company JCC and in case of disagreement finally before Dy. CLC. This procedure was not adopted by management and it unilaterally continued to close the mines without any proper justification or without making any attempt to remove the prevailing constraint in production of the mine like increasing/restoring pumping capacity, ensuring adequate stowing etc. You are aware that more than twenty mines of ECL are closed or suspended since 2011 and more than 8000 workers have been transferred to other mines but, no positive impact of such closure/suspension has became tangible on the economy of Eastern Coalfields Limited. Recently management is on the way to close/suspend 16 mines in current financial year. These mines have above six thousand three hundred manpower with an evacuation capacity of 4.49 million tonne per year. In fact, the mine which is being closed/suspended for a long period can never be reopen for production due to financial or technical reasons. 319 closed/suspended mines of Coal India since its inception entails their tragic end and affirm our observation. This drastic elimination of running mines will certainly invite a drastic reduction in permanent manpower as well as loss of 255 milion te Coal reserve in working seam apart from huge coal reserve of overlying and underlying seams.


  • No mine having coal reserve should be closed.
  • We demand immediate discussion and tangible action for enhancement of production/resumption of production on the mines given below;-
  • Ghanshyam , SS Incline, Madhusudanpur, Nakrakonda, Patmohona, Bansra OC & UG, Sodepur (R), Bejdih ,Nigah, Ghusick, Mithani ,Ratibati, Jemehari, Parbelia, Tirat, Chinakuri-I, Lakhimata , Kuardih, New Kenda, Naba Kajora, Parascole, Kalipahari, Chapui Khas etc.
  • Union will submit its suggestion during discussion.
  • We demand to prepare Action Plan for enhancement of production of all the running UG mines of ECL as well as some identified OC mines in consultation with trade unions.

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