Giving Relief To Leader TMC Men Campaign With Abhishek Statue

News Frontliner Web Desk, 28 April 2019: Abhishek Banerjee, Mamata Banerjee’s nephew and seen by many as her heir apparent, has hit the news after has come up with an innovative campaign idea as political temperatures as well day temperature has hit a new high already and is still soaring.

Pictures and videos of TMC supporters campaigning in an open jeep with a decorated statue of Abhishek Banerjee, who is the TMC candidate from Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha seat has already went viral in social media, leaving most into shock and disbelief.

With garlands around its neck and folded hands, Abhishek Banerjee’s statue is mounted on the jeep. Surrounded by supporters raising slogans in support of Abhishek Banerjee, one almost fails to spot the difference.

Apparently Abhishek Banerjee, came out with such a method of campaigning, to avoid the scorching heat of the summer sun and high humidity.

Netizens has been abuzz with questions as to how someone with such a mindset work for the millions of poor who has to toil hard even under soaring temperature to earn their livelihood. A man familiarized with luxurious life, staying in air-conditioned ambient will work for the poor and downtrodden is something impossible to belief, speaks netizens.

The video, tweeted by one Rishi Bagree, was shared by Member of Parliament Swapan Dasgupta. In the tweet, Bagree alleges that Abhishek Banerjee, MP from Diamond Harbour constituency, allegedly used the statue to avoid the summer heat.

Some of the Twitter comments that follows the video are:

“Adorable nephew too delicate ……… might melt down in the heat”

“This happens when arrogance reaches the peak”

“TMC is very innovative in campaigning……. from statue to guns to bombs…… Bengal must be proud”

“Haha n people of Bengal have voted them”

“People should be ashamed of themselves if they ever vote for this candidate”

“Thankfully they didn’t use the umbrellas to protect the statue from the sun”

Voting in the Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha seat will take place in the last and seventh phase on May 19. In 2014 Lok Sabha election Abhishek Banerjee defeated Dr. Abul Hasnat of CPI(M) by a margin of 71, 298 votes.

This time TMC candidate Abhishek Banerjee is up against Dr. Fuad Halim of the CPI(M) who has been attacked by TMC supporters on 9th April and again on the day when Abhisekh Banerjee’s supporters were seen campaigning with their leader’s statue.

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