Mamata Sends Regular Gifts To Modi In-spite Public Spat

News Frontliner Web Desk, 24 April 2019: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee may be seen exchanging barbs at each other, every now and then, but their relationship has been much more than cordial revealed the PM during an interview with bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

“Despite all the rivalry, Didi (Mamata Banerjee, the Bengal CM) personally selects and sends me ‘Kurtas’ every year. She also sends me sweets as she knows I am fond of Bengali sweets,” the PM told the Bollywood star during a freewheeling interview on everything except politics.

This astounding revelation came after electorates of ten Bengal Lok Sabha seats have already exercised their voting rights to elect their respective MP’s.

When media across the nation and particularly Bengal has been trying hard to portray a bitter rivalry between Modi Dada and Mamata Didi, PM’s candid disclosure did shocked many BJP and TMC supporters; the  voters are bound to be in utter dilemma as well.

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, who has been highly critical about PM Modi describing him as “Hitler’s uncle” and “Expiry babu” during her public speeches started sending the PM gifts only after learning that the that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sent him new types of sweets every year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has referred the Bengal CM as “speedbreaker didi” and with many such taunt remarks seems to have been good raport with Mamata Didi.

A large section of the media has been trying to portray that the fight in Bengal Lok Sabha seats is between TMC and BJP, with Left and Congress being nowhere; but the inner sweet relation between TMC and BJP, as has been revealed by BJP supremo and PM Modi has vindicated them who has been talking of the ‘unholy nexus’ between TMC and BJP.

TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee has been the ‘Railway Minister’ in Vajpayee led NDA government and RSS describing Mamata Banerjee with goddess ‘Durga’ are no stray incidents by any means. Political analysts also opined that TMC will not deter to support BJP, in case they are within the striking distance of forming the next government.

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