Supreme Court of Venezuela Annuls Opposition’s PDVSA, Citgo Boards Appointment

Roso Grimau, Correspondent Venezuela,News Frontliner 15th February 2018:- Constitutional Court of the Tsj said Thursday, declared null and grave the illegal appointments made by the National Assembly in contempt.

Judge Juan José Mendoza, said that this is an assault of right by the National Assembly in contempt, besides being a fundamental company for the Venezuelan economy, it is null to appoint new directors of PDVSA, Citgo and other companies.

He also asserted that according to articles 335 and 336 of the Constitution and the Protection of Heritage, it establishes the following: Petróleo de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima (PDVSA) is a company of constitutional rank.

Similarly, he urged the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the TSJ to initiate the corresponding procedures for the trial of the persons appointed to exercise the “functions” in the state oil companies.

Venezuela is one of the biggest oil producers in the world. The oil exports currently stand at way below 1 million barrels daily, which is a more-than 10 percent drop from December and a less than half decline from Venezuela’s oil production 18 months ago, according to the Wall Street Journal.

On Wednesday, Guaidó – usurping the functions of the National Executive – appointed Luisa Palacios, Ángel Olmeta, Edgar Rincon, Luis Urdaneta, Andrés Padilla and Rick Esser, as part of a “new board” of CITGO, a company sanctioned unilaterally by the administration of the president of the USA, Donald Trump; while he appointed Simón Antúnez, David Smolansky, Carlos Balza, Ricardo Prada, Gustavo J. Velázquez, as members of a new Board of Directors of PDVSA.
Constitutionally elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who has accused Guaido of acting at the instructions of the United States, saying that Washington sought to get hold of Venezuela’s oil assets, has promised to bring to trial those who would recognize the new appointments.

(additional source from Sputnik News)

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